Now My Grandma Thinks I Am Pregnant

I keep falling back into the same lousy habits, because they are so much easier than working so hard at putting new good habits in place.

And then words uttered by my grandmother, not out of meanness (or at least I chose to believe not), but because her brain-mouth barrier is suffering, kind of jolted me back out of Lala Land. (Sorry Kat, know you call your daughter Lala, but for me Lala Land is a fairy tale world.)

My granny was over for the weekend and within an hour of her arriving she asked me with the accompanying hand motion, how many months along I was. What the heck???

My double chin should be the giveaway for fat vs. baby.

Now if I had been doing this, then maybe I could understand….

*Bows head in shame.*

I need to start exercising.




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6 responses to “Now My Grandma Thinks I Am Pregnant

  1. You can play every day – what I have eaten today and then determine how good you have been! In fact people could just come and list what they have eaten each day. I play this one with weight yoyo-ing girlfriend endlessly! I too am a yo-yo!

  2. Just a part of life for me!!! Glad to see you took it in good humour Susie. Mich x

  3. Mishelle

    Umm.. what -part- of you was pregnant to her?? Seriously, she may need her eyes checked.

    Let’s take her to the same place that I’ll take my Mom who has flat out told me that my ass is big. In 39 years I was never self-conscious of my butt… now I am and I really don’t like it.

    I’m trying to forgive her as she’s a recent widow but really… that was nasty.


  4. (1) you aren’t fat
    (2) you don’t have a double chin
    (3) when are you getting a new grandma?

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