New Year New Body

Ok, World, I am starting afresh.  I am resolved to change my body for the better.  When I started this blog (although on blogspot at the time…and a bit less committed…) I was 216 lbs and wanted to basically shame myself thin.  Guess what?  I am still 216lbs.  Yes, I did well there for a bit, but then I got sick, and made excuses, and then the holidays came.   So, I will be keeping track of my weight loss journey here…again…with all my snide comments, successes, failures, wobbles, and such.  I, however, have a support group this time.  As well as Susie, who is a great motivator, I will also be a part of a group of ladies who are sharing their support online.  Our motto-  New Year, New Body.



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3 responses to “New Year New Body

  1. Totally supporting you Kat – I firmly believe that losing weight is easier when you’re doing it with a bunch of like-minded people so here’s to a great year ahead x

  2. Good luck Kat, you can do it. Mich x

  3. chancesimtaking

    I’m totally with you in this! I need to rediscover my love or at least tolerance for working out!

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