I Think I am On To Jillian Michaels’ Strategy

Last night I did the 30 Day Shred workout DVD by Jillian Michaels.  That woman is brilliantly sadistic.  Jumping jacks, weights, crunches- and bears, oh my!  Holy moly I am sore this morning.  Granted, I feel great.  I feel like I accomplished something.  I feel like I should have felt 6 months ago when I bought the DVD.

This morning, I feel lighter.  I feel like I can take on the world.  I don’t know if this is a side effect of the exercise (as exercise increases endorphines) or because Jillian has actually motivated me.  I actually wanted her to yell at me more during the workout.  I wanted her to scream about my fat arse, flabby arms and wobbly stomach.  I need that. I don’t want people to be nice to me when I am doing crunches.  If I have someone telling me nice things it makes me think “oh I can just give half the effort.  They won’t mind at all”.  Jillian told me the truth.  If you give half you won’t even get half the results.

I actually last night thought “This, now, this is how I am going to lose weight!”  This morning I am thinking “I am going to lose weight because I can’t lift my arms to put any food in my mouth.”  I have Jillian all figured out.



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4 responses to “I Think I am On To Jillian Michaels’ Strategy

  1. I needed cheering up & you’ve done it! Thank you!

  2. That last paragraph is priceless.. I didn’t like Miss Michaels until then.

    I wonder if that dvd is for sale across the pond.

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  4. Auntie Pam

    I think the “30 Day Shred” DVD is good, especially with the different levels of difficulty.

    We have cable TV, and our cable company has an On Demand channel. On that, there’s a sports and exercise section, and if I click on exercise TV, there’s a whole section of Biggest Loser workouts! There’s one 10-minute cardio routine led by my girl Tara that leaves no room for excuses of “no time.”

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