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There’s Hope For Me Yet

It seems that there might still be hope for me.


If past experience is any hint, it would seem that I need to get really heavy and out of shape before I am properly disgusted with myself. Then as if by magic, a switch just goes off in my head and makes me start exercising and watching what I eat.


I don’t know why it is that I have to go from one extreme to another.  But maybe this time will be the time that I learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle instead of yo-yoing.


It has now been a few weeks since I started walking (and attempting to run) and I started swimming as well. I haven’t lost very much weight but I have loads less jiggles (yes I know, TMI) and I am feeling healthier and stronger.


It’s still a long road (especially the one I walk at 5:15 in the morning) but I do think there is still hope for me. Maybe one day I will look like this again… (Or at least something close.)


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