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An Angel Disguised As A Devil

My husband is an angel, a devil, an angel, a devil……

Disclaimer: My husband is thin, no potbelly.

I guess it all comes down to whether he is trying to get me to exercise class or not.

Like at 7am this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was get my body out of my warm cozy bed and brave the freezing cold outside (anything other than room temperature is freezing cold for me in the morning) in order to get on a bike in a room full of people who would within 5 minutes be sweaty and smelly and while trying not to go deaf from the loud music to try to make it through the spinning class. (And that was a run on sentence on purpose, after reading it, you should be as breathless as I am while exercising,)

I was so hopeful that he would cave and not want to go to the class this morning because after landing at 4am from overseas, I figured he would be tired. I almost got him to stay in bed, and then I made the mistake of saying yes, why don’t we stay in bed, we can go for a walk later.

He was out of bed in two seconds flat prodding me to get out of bed. (I am guessing I have used that line once too many and never actually went on the walks I promised.)

So I moaned and groaned. I somehow got myself dressed (exercise clothing is a whole other post!) with my eyes closed and I went to spinning. I lived through the class. (shh…don’t tell anyone but between the bouts of thinking I was going to die, I did at times even enjoy myself) And afterwards, I felt good.

So it seems that maybe my devil is an angel in disguise. (And besides at least I get to ogle his sexy legs when he exercises with me.)

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I Think I am On To Jillian Michaels’ Strategy

Last night I did the 30 Day Shred workout DVD by Jillian Michaels.  That woman is brilliantly sadistic.  Jumping jacks, weights, crunches- and bears, oh my!  Holy moly I am sore this morning.  Granted, I feel great.  I feel like I accomplished something.  I feel like I should have felt 6 months ago when I bought the DVD.

This morning, I feel lighter.  I feel like I can take on the world.  I don’t know if this is a side effect of the exercise (as exercise increases endorphines) or because Jillian has actually motivated me.  I actually wanted her to yell at me more during the workout.  I wanted her to scream about my fat arse, flabby arms and wobbly stomach.  I need that. I don’t want people to be nice to me when I am doing crunches.  If I have someone telling me nice things it makes me think “oh I can just give half the effort.  They won’t mind at all”.  Jillian told me the truth.  If you give half you won’t even get half the results.

I actually last night thought “This, now, this is how I am going to lose weight!”  This morning I am thinking “I am going to lose weight because I can’t lift my arms to put any food in my mouth.”  I have Jillian all figured out.


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Ouch! What Was I Thinking?


I can barely move enough to type. So much for trying to clean my house today.

But it is my fault. After years a long while of not doing exercise I don’t know what I was thinking going to a Pilates class without checking that it was not an advanced class.

Not only that, it also appears that my first class was extra challenging. It was a day when they did a fitball class. You know, the round rubber torture device that in shape people make look easy.

yay i love this ball
Can You believe people are actually able to smile while doing this?

This is all my fault because once upon a time I was really in shape. I exercised seven days a week. Sometimes I even went to double classes. Heck I taught spinning for a while.

Now? I can’t walk around the block without dying. I am so nauseous after that class. I mean physically, as in ready to throw up and I didn’t even overextend myself. I had pity on myself. And in those moments of pity I had a minute to muse over why there were footprints (actual footprints) on the ceiling. I did not have my phone with me or I would have taken pictures to prove the point.) I hope walking on the ceiling is not part of the requirements for this class.

Off to go lay down and get feeling back in my body.

Someone tell me it gets better please……..


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Cant. Catch. My. Breath. Lungs. On. Fire.

Why am I so mean to myself? Why have I let myself get so out of shape that even a twenty or thirty minute walk is physically painful and I think my lungs are going to catch on fire?

Afraid of a little forest fire?

After my Kindness Club prompt yesterday I decided I needed to get off my bum and try to at least get some exercise. So after a long really exhausting shift at work, and after managing to pry myself off the couch, I got on the treadmill. Which, you guessed it, decided to break. (No jokes please about me being too heavy.)

So how impressed are you that I dragged myself outside and went for a walk? Even if all that cool lovely fall air managed to set my lungs on fire. But I did it, so kudos to me.

Oh, man. The weather guy just said the heat wave is coming back tomorrow. No treadmill, heat wave. Someone is really trying to challenge me.


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Accountability: Does It Help Or Hinder?

I know what needs to be done.

I know why I want to do it.

I know how I feel now.

I know how I will feel if I get my bum in gear and do it.

"Quick Fit" - The completely effortless aerobics workout

And yet, I drag my feet.

I have one false start after another.

So does accountability help or hinder? How many times have I told myself, my family and the world that this is it?

I think once I myself am fully on board I don’t need the accountability. So the question remains. When I am still on shaky ground does knowing I have put myself out there with a statement help me or hinder my efforts?

What do you guys think?



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A Deal Is A Deal

A deal is a deal. For good and for bad I guess.

The Book I Am Now Reading

For bad because I am thinking that as the amateur negotiator I am, I might have been had.

For good, because maybe the deal will get me motivated and moving.

My husband has had a few health issues in the past few months. He had a bronchoscopy and then back issues. I very much believe in the mind/body connection and have been trying to get him to go see my naturopathic dietician. He has been very a bit resistant to the idea.

But I am a bit stubborn. (Something that I have obviously learned from my hubby.) I have an appointment for myself next week and I wanted him to take it because while I enjoy our meetings, I know what to do food wise. (The fact that I haven’t is another issue…) Her appointments also have a six month waiting list.

And so I asked my husband for a personal favor that he please take my appointment. He responded in true negotiator style and asked me for a personal favor which entailed eating more healthy and getting into an exercise regimen of at least 3 times a week.

I was thrilled that he agreed and said “deal”.

A few hours later I came to some realizations.

The main one being that I am not a negotiator. I don’t realize that I have been had until it’s too late.

But it could be worse because I will benefit from the deal. Oh well-no more excuses.

Gotta go….exercise and healthy breakfast are calling.


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Musings From a Neglected Body

This post has been written by Susie from over at New Day New Lesson. She is going to blog over here once a week about her weight loss adventures. Please give her a warm welcome.

I finally got my bum in gear and on Saturday night, pulled out my hidden and neglected workout clothing along with my Tae Boe Video. Yes, video, not DVD. That’s how long I have had it. (BTW, thanks Kat for reminding me how much I loved those workouts.)

Amazingly enough I got through over 20 minutes of it and I did not die. I came close, but somehow I am still alive and breathing. I even managed to go for a walk with my hubby right after I finished the video. My legs did feel a bit like jello towards the end, but that may have just been the extra fat jiggling on my thighs. They are not used to moving so much in recent years.

And the next morning I reflected on my first real bout with exercise in eons.

My thoughts:

*It was sad how the mighty have fallen. I used to exercise intensely 7 days a week. I was fit, in shape and strong. I even taught a spinning class. Now? I am an overweight lump of mush.

*On the bright side my body was quite pleased with me after exercise. It didn’t even ache too much, amazingly it felt pretty good. Seems like my exercise problem is not with my body. It is with my brain. My brain is sending me messages and causing me to be lazy. To lazy to get into exercise clothing. To lazy to think about showering and getting dressed again after exercise. My body is happy to step up on exercise.

*My body seemed to remember all the exercising and the good shape I used be in. Maybe it won’t be so hard to get back into an exercise routine.

*And the most important point. A sports bra that is good for walking does not make the cut for any type of bouncing aerobic exercise. Unless you like your boobs boinging all over the place. I find it painful. (Note to self: Buy some new workout clothing.)

And now two days later. I have fallen again. I really had good intentions today. I got into my workout clothing. I was planning on doing either the video again or walk on my treadmill.

And then I was sidetracked. Some laundry to do, some straightening up, email to check, blogs to write….. Anything except getting the exercise done.

And now I have no time. I need to go visit my grandma because it’s her birthday. I need to go now because I have to make it to her and then back to work for an evening shift.

Maybe I should just get a pedometer and see how much I walk during my shift in the ER. Doesn’t that count?


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