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An Angel Disguised As A Devil

My husband is an angel, a devil, an angel, a devil……

Disclaimer: My husband is thin, no potbelly.

I guess it all comes down to whether he is trying to get me to exercise class or not.

Like at 7am this morning, the last thing I wanted to do was get my body out of my warm cozy bed and brave the freezing cold outside (anything other than room temperature is freezing cold for me in the morning) in order to get on a bike in a room full of people who would within 5 minutes be sweaty and smelly and while trying not to go deaf from the loud music to try to make it through the spinning class. (And that was a run on sentence on purpose, after reading it, you should be as breathless as I am while exercising,)

I was so hopeful that he would cave and not want to go to the class this morning because after landing at 4am from overseas, I figured he would be tired. I almost got him to stay in bed, and then I made the mistake of saying yes, why don’t we stay in bed, we can go for a walk later.

He was out of bed in two seconds flat prodding me to get out of bed. (I am guessing I have used that line once too many and never actually went on the walks I promised.)

So I moaned and groaned. I somehow got myself dressed (exercise clothing is a whole other post!) with my eyes closed and I went to spinning. I lived through the class. (shh…don’t tell anyone but between the bouts of thinking I was going to die, I did at times even enjoy myself) And afterwards, I felt good.

So it seems that maybe my devil is an angel in disguise. (And besides at least I get to ogle his sexy legs when he exercises with me.)

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Toning Sneakers+Spinning=Deadly Combination

Let me clarify that.

When I say deadly combination, what I am NOT saying is: “Wow! Toning sneakers and spinning are together an amazing combination.”

No, I am talking about deadly as in they want to kill me.

One small word (actually many loudly spoken words) of advice for those who are insane lucky enough to own (or have won) toning sneakers.


Because if you do, you may actually find out what it feels like to have legs that refuse to take any more instructions from you and refuse to pedal. One thing is for sure, your legs will be very angry with you.


So remember these words of caution from the owner of some very sore muscles.


These sneakers

when used in combination with these spinning shoes

is enough to make you want to curl up in a ball and lose the will to walk.

Like I said, deadly combination.


Is there anything else I should know about????



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Ouch! What Was I Thinking?


I can barely move enough to type. So much for trying to clean my house today.

But it is my fault. After years a long while of not doing exercise I don’t know what I was thinking going to a Pilates class without checking that it was not an advanced class.

Not only that, it also appears that my first class was extra challenging. It was a day when they did a fitball class. You know, the round rubber torture device that in shape people make look easy.

yay i love this ball
Can You believe people are actually able to smile while doing this?

This is all my fault because once upon a time I was really in shape. I exercised seven days a week. Sometimes I even went to double classes. Heck I taught spinning for a while.

Now? I can’t walk around the block without dying. I am so nauseous after that class. I mean physically, as in ready to throw up and I didn’t even overextend myself. I had pity on myself. And in those moments of pity I had a minute to muse over why there were footprints (actual footprints) on the ceiling. I did not have my phone with me or I would have taken pictures to prove the point.) I hope walking on the ceiling is not part of the requirements for this class.

Off to go lay down and get feeling back in my body.

Someone tell me it gets better please……..


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