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Feel Thinner Than You Look

I know how to feel thinner than I look.

It is really simple and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before.

All you need to do is wear pants (trousers for you Brits) that are just a bit too big for you. It makes you feel thin. Really it does.

Of course it’s even better when the pants were once tight and now they are a bit loose. (and who cares if they are your fat pants and you can’t get into your medium pants let alone your skinny pants)

So here is to my slightly loose jeans getting a bit looser.

Yay me. (for now)

Although I would like to fit into a dress like this again one day. Soon please.


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This Seals It

So I was messing about in the kitchen (aka half assed helping my husband do dishes) and my four year old said it. “Mom, you’re fat.” It wasn’t meant to be mean, just an honest observation of a four year old. So, that seals it. Now I am more motivated than ever to lose the extra weight.


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You Might Know Me As…

Hiya, yes, you know me. I am not just a familiar face. I actually am, Kat. I normally blog over here at 3 Bedroom Bungalow. I am not hiding over here. In fact, I am trying to shame myself skinny. I just don’t think all the readers at the Bungalow want to read about my weight loss journey. OK, I almost gagged as I wrote that. Way to sappy for my taste. It is not a weight loss journey as much as “DAMMIT I DON’T WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE” or “I AM GOING TO SHAME MYSELF SKINNY”.

Now, I don’t just want to be skinny. I want to be healthy. My friend just had a heart attack the other day. He is 41. 41 for goodness sake!! I know I am only 29, but it is still scary. Thankfully, this means that I have time to get my fat ass moving in the right direction. That direction being towards a gym and away from the donuts. Of course I will be doing it as I cuss about how much I hate to exercise, how my clothes are ill fitting, and at the fact someone has not properly not wiped off the rowing machine after they have used it. Asshole.
So, please encourage me. By encouraging me of course I mean an encouraging comment followed by “Get off your backside, you silly moo!” Feel free to act like a drill sergeant. I need it.
Goals Weight- 150 lbs.
Starting Weight- 215 lbs (yes, I said I was a fat moo)

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